Stian Vedøy

Strumming Life’s Chords

Stian, a musician hailing from Norway, currently resides in Bristol, UK with his wife, cat, and tortoise.

At the age of 6, Stian started his musical journey by taking piano lessons. He grew up in a musical family, surrounded by instruments, and picked up the guitar at the age of 13, soon followed by songwriting. His passion for music became evident, leading his parents to convert their garage into a recording studio where he recorded his own songs and worked with local bands and artists. Stian continued his musical journey by studying Music Production at university, earning a Distinction in his Master’s Degree after studying for four years in Norway and the UK.

Passion for Artistry

During his last year at university, Stian founded Firewoodisland, a Cinematic Indie Folk Pop project, which has since released 3 EPs, 3 albums, and collaborated with numerous similar artists. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting his day job, Stian found himself delving into other musical ventures, taking a masterclass in Making Music For Brands. He has since worked on countless commercial projects and his favourite music to write is for Firewoodisland, incorporating elements of Indie Folk Pop with cinematic or electronic components.

Stian is known for writing music that evokes emotions and provides listeners with goosebumps. He enjoys creating Singer/Songwriter genre tracks with lyrics or Cinematic Neo-Classical instrumentals and Soul genre tracks like Motown, funk, happy soul, and soul ballads, including horn sections and soulful vocals. Stian’s musical style is eclectic, and he has experience writing in a variety of genres, and he’s always eager to expand his musical horizons by thoroughly researching instrumentation and production styles.

One of Stian’s greatest strengths is his versatility. He writes in various genres every day, and his music often features a combination of organic and digital instruments. He frequently sings on his tracks, utilizing his vocals as an effect or instrument, and is proficient in several core instruments. If he can’t play a specific instrument, he knows someone who can.

Stian’s current goals are to release his third Firewoodisland album, embark on a UK tour in November, and save enough money to purchase a second house to rent out. He plans to continue doing weekly jobs for different music production houses while simultaneously working on Firewoodisland’s next releases.

I favour working on sentimental commercials with a heartfelt or feel-good message. I love writing music that gives you goosebumps.
Stian Vedøy Producer & Songwriter

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