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Can Your Brand Be Recognized – Also In Sound And Music?

Playing It Safe Is Not Enough

A lot of today’s music choices in branding and communication are probably from the same desire: To keep your communication safe.

But, we do not remember safe, and perhaps a bit boring music experiences. We remember the bold, meaningful, and emotional music. So try to listen to the sounds and music your brand is using, and then ask yourself:

  • What emotional state does this leave our audience in?
  • Is it recognizable, meaningful, and engaging?
  • Does the musical expression substantiate our brand promise and reputation
  • Do you know what, where, and how to use music and sound deliberately to create more effective communication?


The music most brands are using is not necessarily bad. It is just bland and inoffensive. And because brands sacrifice emotional richness from these safe choices, the end-result is inefficient, unrecognizable and non-emotional engaging communication experiences.


What Is Missing?

The answer is risk and conscious, meaningful use of music to create a desired emotional connection with the audience, so we carry the music and feeling with us after the music ebb away.


Suppose you can’t find answers to the above questions and want a higher ROI on your communication investment. In that case, you could benefit from having a music brand platform containing these answers, making you able to create a strategic audio identity.


If you want a survey of how emotionally engaging your brand communicates and your brand touchpoints are perceived, along with a prioritized recommendation and possibilities for how you can create more effective and affective communication, please contact us.