How we work in the media sector

Working with sound in the media sector

The media sector is not what it used to be. While the traditional media formats, such as television, radio, newspapers, or magazines, are still being used widely, the increasing ubiquity of new media platforms, such as podcasts, apps or vlogs, can’t be ignored, and the popularity of streaming services and social media has changed the game for good.


We help brands within the media sector, to develop a strong brand identity, and to stand out across several platforms. Whether it’s through a jingle used in traditional media such as television or radio, underlying music for a podcast or a vlog, or functional sounds for an app, we ensure that brands attain a strong, cohesive sonic identity.

Traditionally, audio identities within the media industry have depended on the specific formats. For example, audio logos for film studios have a tendency to be quite long, as they have been played in cinemas where they have time to unfold, whereas audio logos played in TV or radio merely have a few seconds to unfold.

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