Carlsberg Group

How does Carlsberg Group sound like?

Carlsberg looked for a complete audio identity to supplement the visual elements and help to communicate the brand. Their strategic use of sound is applied in order to strengthen their brand identity by securing a consistent and coherent audible performance across our touchpoints.

Altogether, this audio identity and music toolbox is created to ensure more efficient use of music by providing a comprehensive library of sound with the advantages of easy accessibility, high flexibility, optimal brand fit.

Carlsberg Group Audio Identity Casefilm from Sonic Minds on Vimeo.

– Full Sound Identity
– Audio Logo
– Animation of Carlsberg Group Logo

The Carlsberg Group Audio Logo and animation from Sonic Minds on Vimeo.

– Carlsberg Muisc Toolbox containing different Brand Mood Music Tracks for multiple purposes
– Sound Identity Guidelines
Implementation on website
– Additional Music Tracks for events etc.

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