Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg Group & Sonic Minds

Carlsberg Group came to us because they needed audio to unify them across brands in the most flexible and easily accessible way to accommodate the organization’s many wide-spread branches. We took on the challenge and created a complete Audio Identity for them.


Audio Identity

The Audio Identity supplements their visual elements to communicate the brand and provide the whole organization with a uniting global language through audio.



Audio Logo

The Audio Logo is based on a short and distinct melody complemented by a dynamic sound design supporting the animation of their logo and the iconic crafted hop leaf.

Carlsberg Group’s Audio Logo exists in three different tempos that each fit the different brand moods.



Sound & Music Toolbox

We created three different brand moods and musical expressions composed and produced in different fixed lengths for easy implementation in films, presentations, events, etc. The music can be easily tailored to create the expression Carlsberg Group needs for any communicative purpose.


Ringtones and SMS Sounds

Carlsberg Group’s customized ringtones and SMS tones are composed as an addition to their overall Audio Identity. They all come in various editions.


Listen to the rest of Carlsberg Group’s Audio Identity case here


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