Bespoke music

What does the word bespoke mean? It comes from the word bespoken, which means “ to speak for in advance; engage beforehand; reserve”, according to Collins dictionary. And what does that have to do with music? It all boils down to how customized music, or bespoke music, can be helpful in many different settings and situations, including events, but especially for audio branding.

Bespoke music is original custom-made music made for a company or brand. It could be music played in an app, music for voice mail etc. Bespoke music is often composed in close cooperation with the company and based on loads of information, details and specifications of their brand, in order to make it a personalized music production. At Sonic Minds we strive to make bespoke music as part of the brand’s Audio Identity, making the music relate to every other sound aspect of the brand. Bespoke music enhances the chances of a brand’s memorability and makes its customers remember it.

How Sonic Minds works with bespoke music

As a brand it is highly important to have a significant sound that connects your customers to the brand without a visual aspect. And that is exactly what we have in mind when we work with bespoke music. When producing personalized bespoke music for your brand, we make sure that you can use it in many different parts of your audio branding, to make sure that the customized sound is consistent with the brand’s image. Whether it be background music for videos, in an app, as part of a presentation, music for an event or something else.

Why Bespoke Music?

Today, many companies use either royalty free or stock music when audio is needed for branding, products, or other customer touchpoints. Even though stock music libraries can offer solid music options and be an easy and cheap solution for a project or general branding, you don’t own the music. It is like building a house on rented soil. By letting us produce bespoke music for your brand, you’ll get (and own) a longlasting custom-made solution.

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