Employee Spotlight: John

What made you choose Sonic Minds as an employer specifically?
For me it was slightly different. I’m studying a master’s degree in Tonemester which is a sound engineering study at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. I also did my bachelor’s in that.

Some time ago I was talking to my professor about some different opportunities, he mentioned meeting Karsten from Sonic Minds through the school system institution. I decided to reach out to Karsten, and he ended up offering me an internship.

I had never really considered doing an internship before, since it’s not a mandatory part of my course, but I was really interested in the opportunity. As soon as I started, I thought; “This is great, the team and everything. I love it. It is a great dynamic.”

What are your hobbies?
My hobby is, as luck would have it, my work as well. I make music. I study music. I work with music. Also, my parents are musicians. My grandparents are musicians. My brother is a musician, so I actually come from a musical family, but my hobbies are literally making music for myself or in one of my bands.

I’m Australian. I haven’t been there for many years, but if I was in Australia, my hobbies would be, like, swimming and kind of surfing and being in nature. So water stuff. I’m a water baby.

I’m quite lucky that I have this small, close circle around me that is the most inspiring. And now it’s also the team at Sonic Minds. They are quite an inspiration these days.
John Audio Consultant

Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration would be my parents because they are musicians. Especially my dad. He’s always innovating in music, and that has been inspiring since the day I popped out into this world. I would find it hard to be inspired by somebody very far from me. For me, it’s my best friend/flatmate, my partner and my dad.

So I’m quite lucky that I have this small, close circle around me that is the most inspiring. And now it’s also the team at Sonic Minds. They are quite an inspiration these days.

How do you want to inspire others?
Through music, obviously. That’s the theme of the day. For me the most inspiring thing is music, therefore I believe that I can hopefully inspire others via music because I know for sure it works for me.

How would you describe your musical past?
As a kid, I sang in the Sydney Children’s Choir. I was learning drums and piano. I also played the taiko, which is a Japanese drum. I still play the drums now sometimes in bands. Lots of rhythmic stuff.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
In Denmark, the spices used in cooking are very weak. So I was given advice to just double or triple the amount of spice that I normally put in.

How would you describe your profession?
I’m an audio consultant, so I speak with the clients and the vendors who make the music. And I’m also working as a vendor. So I’m also making sounds. Outside the office, I’m a sound engineer and composer.

What’s your creative process like?
I tend to have a fast output. So when I’m doing a project or making a track, I tend to do a lot very quickly in a kind of flow of intuition. After that initial burst of creativity, I just pick up the pieces and work with them for the rest of the time until it’s finished.

What are you most looking forward to work-wise?
I want to work at Sonic Minds. I would like to work as a sound designer and just be around music. Life is boring without music, but with music, life is really exciting for me. So it’s like if I’m around it, then I’m happy.

What is your greatest strength?
I love life, not because I’m living a dream life but because I really appreciate what I’ve got around me.

That was our interview with John! Are you interested in more information? Then you can soon read more about John on his landing page!